Who We Are

All realtors are not created equally. Steve & Michelle have developed a unique step-by-step process to get you the absolute best deal every single time. They began their venture in real estate 15 years ago. It was rough in those early years, but they preserved, taking real estate classes and company training. Eventually, they developed an unparalleled system that they continue to use to this day. Once they began focusing on this simple strategy, they generated more sales in one year than they had in the previous five years. Success has come effortlessly, not because of their talent, but because they finally learned the "Science of Sales."

The Right Skills

There is a particular set of skills that every realtor should have. Unfortunately, very few do. Steve & Michelle possess and practice these skills every day. These basic skills set them apart from their counterparts and make all the difference between a quick and successful sales transaction and one where the property sits on the market too long and ultimately does not sell. Incorporating these skills into every transaction helps sellers get more money, bottom line, than they can get any other way. At the same time, this allows buyers to get the best house on the market for the best price possible.