There Is A Difference


As real estate brokers, we designed our business plan based on our frustrations with the way we were taught to do business and treat our clients. We were universally dissatisfied with all the “strategies” that were out there that seemed to ignore the people actually involved in the transaction. Other real estate firms tend to focus on only one thing – how great they are and everything that they have done.



We know that the successful sale or purchase of your home has nothing to do with the size of the real estate company you choose and has everything to do with the agent that you choose. How to get the most money that you possibly can for your home is what we are all about. When you decide that the time has come to sell your house, it will be our job to show you exactly how to get the absolute most money that you possibly can!



We know that pricing is never the problem. Your home’s visibility is the problem. When you decide to put your home on the market it becomes a business. If there is no strategy in place, and maximum visibility isn’t achieved, the business of selling your house becomes a profit losing nightmare!



Securing multiple purchase offers for your home is an ideal situation. When it happens and your real estate agent starts talking about asking the buyers for their “highest and best” offer, you know one thing for sure; they are out of ideas and skills. That simple phrase, that almost all real estate agents use, is costing home sellers many thousands of dollars on every transaction! We have a proven strategy that guarantees you will end up selling your house for the most money possible.



The system that we use is timeless. It is the basis upon which all successful business transactions occur. It is the foundation. It will never be replaced by technology or any new form of marketing. Using the system virtually guarantees that you will get the more money for your home in a shorter period of time that you can get any other way.



All transactions share a set common tasks that either help or hurt your efforts to get your home sold. We have developed a unique set of skills over the years that gives you a tremendous advantage over the competition when selling your home. Our system is flawless and designed for your success.



We are able to provide a much higher level of service at a very affordable investment for one simple reason. We operate on a very structured schedule. There are only so many hours in a day, which we are able to maximize because of structured schedule that we keep. We consider ourselves on-demand brokers. You can call us at any time and get the answers that you need. This way you get way more out of your real estate broker than you can any other way!

Other real estate agents do not adhere to any specific schedule. This results in a lower quality experience for you. They do not treat the sale of your home as a business. When every day is different, it becomes a money loosing nightmare for the homeowner!



We want you to succeed and to get the results you deserve. We need you to be comfortable with the way we do business and our pricing strategy before we can take you on as a client. Because our pricing strategy is so unique, it is not for everyone. Only those who can recognize the power of our pricing strategy should choose to do business with us.



We also want you to get your questions answered One-on-One by someone who will always know the correct answer. Sales is a Science! There is one right answer.



We want you to know how our skills, schedule, and system will benefit you. It is a lot to learn and it is not possible to cover everything here. A one-on-one setting is the most efficient method for examining our program. Appointments to discuss the sale of your home can be schedule daily during one of two time slots we have allocated for appointments. We make ourselves available from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm and then again from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. We want you to be comfortable with our service and to believe that we will get you the most money possible!